Where Are You?

Nice little shot here of Greg coming out of the bottom of his back squat.  
We talk a lot about the importance of the bottom of your squat.  Another really important spot of your squat is the position you are in right after you move out of the bottom.  Do you dip your chest?  Does your butt fly up?  Does your back round?  Do you come on to your toes?  Greg here is in more of a classic low-bar back squat, and you can tell that out of the bottom here he is keeping a nice tight back angle, he is centered in his feet (this has a lot to do with keeping the bar balanced over the middle of the foot), and his knees are in a good spot relative to his hips and ankles.  He's looking solid and safe to apply max force to stand that weight up.  


Back Squat 6-4-2 X 3

3 rounds:
2 minutes ON:
5 hang (squat) cleans (65/95lb)
1 rope climb
- 1 minute OFF - 
1 minute: calorie row
- 1 minute OFF