Happy Easter!


20 minutes - As many eggs as possible.

Athletes blindly choose an egg from an Easter basket. The number written on the egg, and the egg color will specify a rep total (between 1 and 6) and one movement from one of three categories of movements. After completing the egg's demands, they grab another egg and cycle to the next category. The three categories and their corresponding movements are as follows: 1) body weight - pull ups, push ups, dips, toe to bar, and lunges, 2) medium weight - KBSs (53/70), double unders, ball slams (30/40), sumo deadlift high pulls (53/70), and med-ball cleans (14/20), and 3) barbell movements (83/135) - push press, back squat, split jerk, hang power clean, and front squat. For the bodyweight category the athletes complete 3X's the reps specified on the egg, for the medium weight movements 2X's the reps, and the barbell movements the specified number of reps (1-6). Their score is the total number of eggs completed.