Where's Your Shelf?

Beth made a great adjustment today with her power jerk.  Instead of jerking from a press grip, she moved to a more elbowed-up shelf position.  She said it felt a little weird, but she could feel how the lift was more powerful that way. Do you feel like you jerk from a press grip?  There isn't necessarily anything wrong with that, as long as the bar does not drift forward at all on the dip and drive, but chances are though if you are jerking from a more elbow-down press grip, the bar is not staying centered.
Carly on the cover photo moving down as the bar moves up (you can tell by her shirt and hair).


5 Rounds:
1 Power Clean
1 Squat Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Power Jerk
1 Split Jerk

10 round AMRAP:
30 seconds: wall ball (10/11ft) (14/20lb)
30 seconds: toe to bar
*total reps