Coffee On The House

Maria and Time working fast through their rope climbs.  Later on in the workout, Matt noticed Tim was pretty close to a minute per round, I believe about 1:10 was his fastest time up until that point, his other times in the teens and 20's.  Matt decided to challenge Tim, and offer free coffee for a week every morning if he got sub one minute!  Tim finished his last round in 59 seconds!  Just barely making it under one minute.  Great challenge by Matt, flawless execution by Tim, and a real nice tasting coffee coming soon.

March First Friday!
Motiv grand opening party with LionFish this Friday the 4th!  Ribbon cutting with the Mayor at 5:30 and then food all night.
No kids.
Ask Gary if you have any questions, see you there!

If you are planning on doing any open workout outside of Friday or 11am Saturday, you MUST let us know the time beforehand.  That way we can better assist you in your efforts.  Thank you!


5 Rounds:
30 seconds to get: 3 Shoulder Press
> right into for time:
3 Rope Climbs
200 meter run
- rest -
*each round is every 5 minutes.