Today we got to do a classic CF workout; Jackie. I know a lot of folks really like Jackie. Maybe it's because that 1k row to start can get your blood and breath going nicely, or maybe it's because (especially after 16.5) that empty bar thruster feels so easy. Whatever the case, it seems to be one of the least feared "girls". Carmen did everyone a wonderful favor...she not only noted your final time, but your row time as well. This can be super helpful for the next time you do Jackie. If you felt like you were smoked coming off of the rower and had to break up the thrusters in a bunch of sets, you know to slow down that row time next time. On the other hand if you went unbroken and quick on the thrusters and unbroken on the pull ups, the only place to get any faster will be the row......



3 Rounds:
3-2-1: Push Press