Crossfit Dodgeball!

So good!

If you are planning on doing any open workout outside of Friday or 11am Saturday, you MUST schedule the time beforehand.  That way we can better assist you in your efforts.  Thank you!


For time:

25 bench press (115/185)
25 dead hang pull ups

Alternate movements and rest 30 seconds every break until all 25 reps have been completed for both movements. Then,

Crossfit dodgeball - 

Split class into two teams. Divide gym in half. Place dodgeballs in center and have teams set up at back line of the court. 2 minute rounds start with a buy in of 5-10 reps of a body weight movement (burpee, lunge, mountain climber, etc.). After completing the buy in that person can run and grab a ball and start slinging. Teams score 1 pt. for every opponent eliminated (catching their throw or pelting them with ball). Once out, players can re-enter game by completing 5 wall balls and 5 kettle bell swings. Teams can win the round by eliminating the entire opposing team from play or by having the most points at the end of the round.