Willing to Work

Some things in Crossfit come easy for us and some things we have to work a bit harder at. Kelley has been working hard at her squats. Today I got to witness how much that hard work is paying off. Not only did she get great depth in all of her front squats, but she also got low in all of her cleans. It's a lesson to us all, that no matter what we're working on, be it a movement in the gym, or something else in life, if we have the willingness to work, the diligence to do the work well, and the patience to keep at it... we WILL see results. 


3 Front Squat EMOM x 5

6 Rounds:
5 Muscle Ups
30 Double Unders
Cleans (15 @ 95/65#, 12 @ 135/95#, 9 @ 155/105#, 6 @ 185/115#, 3 @ 205/125#, 1 @ 225/135#)