Takes Three To Thruster

Three very important positions here in the thruster.  Angi on the left is at that point where the bar has just left her shoulders and is heading overhead.  You want to make sure the bar path is up and back off your shoulders.  Alison is in the victory position, joints completely stacked, locked out, very little effort in this position.  If your mobility allows it, you should feel close to completely relaxed here.  Becca on the right is in that spot just out of the bottom of her squat.  Similar to Angi's position, we want to make sure the bar does not drift forward.  Focusing on keeping an upright torso can greatly assist in keeping an efficient bar path out of the bottom of the squat (Becca) and off the shoulders (Angi).


2 Front Squat EMOM X 5

6 rounds:
2 minute AMRAP:
200 meter run buy-in
remaining time: thruster
- 1 minute rest
rds 1&2 (65/95lb), rds 3&4 (115/78lb), rds 5&6 (95/135lb)