Yeah But My Band Always Does What I Say

There are benefits to using a band.  You don't have to feed it, it doesn't talk back, etc.  But asking a trainer or friend to help in assisting your pull up comes with a lot of benefits.  The band can't decide when to give you tension, it loads up a ton in the bottom of the pull (making the bottom too easy), and barely anything at the top (making it too hard to get the full range).  As Carmen demonstrated this morning and seen in the photo, she can assist Haley relative to her strengths where she needs it, stimulating the pull up much more effectively that the band.  This doesn't mean throw the poor bands away, they are still valuable.  It just means when possible, holler for some help!


5 Round:
Max effort seated dumbbell shoulder press (1/4 BW)
Max effort strict chest to bar pull ups