"It Was Fun"

Kari kind of smoked this workout today.  After the workout I asked her how it felt, and she replied, "it was fun."  That answer right there, a lot of knowledgable people would say, is the key to success in training (and probably life in general?)  Enjoying training, and having fun in your workouts does so much for your adaptation to the stimulus.  The opposite is also true on the other end.  If you are not enjoying your training, you will not benefit as much or at all from it.  Are you enjoying your training?  Sometimes all we need is a healthy reminder to have fun with Crossfit.  It doesn't get much better than working out in gratitude!


3 Round:
1st minute: 2 Push Press (lighter)
2nd minute: 2 Push Press (heavier)
3rd minute: rest

100 KBS (53/70lb) for time
*heavy prowler push every 3 minutes including the first minute.