Tight Is Light

It has been incredible to feel the change in some of my gymnastic movements after Annie told me "tight is light."  I've really been focusing on the hollow and arch positions in bodyweight movements, and within that being tight.  What has been surprising for me is that it seems there is progression of a skill here.  It isn't just about get tight and voila, you feel 10 pounds lighter.  Over time, I feel I have somehow gotten better at being tight, and slowly I have been feeling lighter and lighter.  This I believe has a lot to do with biomechanics and the fact that being tight in the right position creates such better mechanical advantages when moving through space.  Find your positions, get tight, and experience the light!

This is Perry's last round here.  His positioning was steadily improving very well.


5 Rounds:
1 L-sit Rope Climb
10 Back-Rack Step Up
400 meter run
*** NOT FOR TIME ***