Where Did The Thruster Come From?

Jess and Arthur, burpees and thrusters, 8am.  
Burpees and even more so thrusters, are quintessential Crossfit movements.  A lot of other movements come from other schools of training.  Deadlift, press, bench, and back squat are all from the powerlifting realm.  The snatch and clean and jerk come from the sport of weightlifting.  A lot of the bodyweight movements come from gymnastics, the list goes on.  But the thruster, which is not only one of if not the most potent movements in Crossift, is a baby of Crossfit.  I'd be interested to know if anyone has any information on the origin of the thruster.  To my knowledge it is Crossfit birthed the movement.  


5 x 2 Split Jerk

thruster (95/65)(115/78)(95/135)
bar-facing burpee