Killlling IT

Rosemary was killing it this weekend, I think she ended up second overall!!


6 rounds: 3 min. on - 1 min. off
Split class into two teams.
Each person completes as many rounds as possible of:
3 power cleans (83/135)
6 push ups
9 rKBSs (35/53)
Additionally, during odd rounds, teams send one teammate at a time to a rowing machine to row 5 calories, continuing until 30 calories have been rowed. Once a team has finished 30 calories the other team has to stop their AMRAPs (so it is possible they will work less than 3 minutes). Even rounds teams send one person to complete 20 double unders at a time until 120 double unders have been completed. The score is the team's total number of rounds completed.