Variance Allows Creativity

One of the great things about programming CrossFit workouts is the amount of movements you can choose from.  Having so many movements allows for a great amount of creativity.  Take the pull up for example.  You can do strict, kipping, weighted, chest to bar etc.  And within these general ways to do the pull up, there are many ways to program each variation.  Max effort, for time, AMRAP, strength sets, skill work, and combinations therein - you get the point.  The amount of options for even just one movement gives you an idea of that magnitude of variance in CrossFit programming.  
Today we went with some classic strength sets in the pull up.  Here Greg is with his weighted face getting his chin clear over the bar.  


3 Rounds:
5 Weighted Pull Ups
5 Weighted Dips

4 rounds:
3 minute clock:
30 wall balls (10/11ft)(14/20lb)
3 rope climbs
- remaining time shuttle run
2 minute rest