Different Kind Of Man Eating

Another cool thing about CrossFit movements and programming, continuing our discussion of the previous two posts, is that you can even make up your own movements!  If you didn't take class Saturday morning after Christmas this year, and you worked out this morning, today was probably the first day you've ever done a dumbbell power clean maneater front-rack step up.  This movement has a lot of pieces in it, about seven, just for one rep! 
This was Alex's first time doing this movement, and he was making good use of it.

Partner Workout:

3 Rounds:
5 DB maneater step ups (25/35lb)
4 DB maneater step ups (25/35lb)
3 DB maneater step ups (25/35lb)
*one person working at a time, each do the reps listed in straight sets
50 medball sit ups
*passing to each other
800 meter run (together)
*round 2, complete 6 prowler pushes, 3 each (15 meters up, 15 back = 1 push)