Fake It 'Till You Become It

Really interesting video here about how our body language can change our physiology.  It may be obvious to some, but how does this relate to CrossFit?  The two hormones Amy Cuddy speaks about are the two most significant ones related to CrossFit and human performance.  Claire, pictured below, is in a very empowering position at the top of the press.  It's interesting to think about how many movements in CrossFit do take up a lot of space, and could apparently be raising our testosterone and lowering our cortisol from just being in those specific positions.  Would love to hear what people think about this idea and the video. 


3 rounds:
2 minutes to row 300/350 meters then AMRAP hang clean thrusters (53/75) during the remainder of the 2 minutes.
- Rest 1 minute
2 minutes to AMRAP tire flips. Every five flips pause to complete 5 tire jumps/step ups.
- Rest 1 minute
2 minutes - first minute hold a plank then go immediately into a max rep, unbroken, set of push ups.
- Rest 1 minute
Score is the total reps of hang clean thrusters, tire flips, and push ups.