Can You Handle?

One thing that Joe does very well with his pulls off the ground is setting his back.  Whether it's the deadlift, clean, snatch or any pull off the ground, it is very important to keep the tight back position and not let that deviate.  If it bends, that means the weight is dictating the movement instead of the other way around.  Handle the weight, don't let it handle you!


3 Rounds:
5-3-1 Power Snatch
1 minute to get 5
1 minute to get 3
1 minute to get 1
Rest to 5 minute mark

3 rounds:
2 minute AMRAP: 5 dumbbell hang power clean (30/45lb) & 10 box jump (24/30in)
- 1 minute rest
1 minute AMRAP: calorie row
- 1 minute rest