Beach Day Details

Sam was working nicely on her extension this morning.

Beach Day!
Capitola Beach, Saturday June 4th, 9am.
We will have a team workout, then optional activities - volleyball, spike ball, surf, frisbee and more!
Feel free to bring food, drinks and whatever else you'd like for a beach day.
Come one come all, no one is required to go in the water :)


2 Hang Power Snatch EMOM X 3
2 Hang Power Snatch every 90s X 3
2 Hang Power Snatch every 2min X 3

3 Rounds:
alternating tabata X 2:
box jump (20/24in)
ball slam (30/40lb)
*400m run at 1:50 mark.  2nd round starts at 4 minute mark.  Round number three starts at 8 minute mark.