First Stop For Weightlifting Terminology

The terminology in the sport of weightlifting can get confusing.  Not only do you have many different variations of the snatch, clean and jerk that require different names, but depending on what school or tradition of weightlifting the movement comes from, the same movement may have a different name or application.  What we can be sure of though is the word power.  Here Josh Everett describes a simple and effective way to look at the difference between a snatch and power snatch.


With a partner for time:
120 wall balls (14/20) then 12 rope climbs, one partner working at a time.
At the start of the workout and every 2 minutes, both partners complete a push up (on barbell) and dead lift (135/225) ladder (1,1 - 2,2 - and 3,3) before continuing with the reps of wall balls and rope climbs.
After the team has completed the walls balls and rope climbs they run 1 mile to complete the workout.