Enter Into The Training Paradox

I have an analogy for you, stick with me.  You know how sometimes going slower on workout can result in a faster time?  In other words know your pace, don't go out too fast.  The same idea can be applied to ring dips.  If you are one of those that is looking to get ring dips or has a couple, it is most likely in your best interest to work diligently on bar dips.  This is a form of pacing.  The eagerness to hop on the rings or go out of the gate fast in a metcon is great, but if you're after capacity and gains in the long run, you're time would be better spent building that strength with bar dip volume or pacing out the start of the workout.  It seems sort of paradoxical, but not doing ring dips for a while may be a better plan for getting ring dips, and slowing down on your workout may actually provide you a faster time in the end.

In other news, Dave has an exceptional front squat.  I wish I got a photo of his front squat with the stick.  He has no problem staying completely upright with a full grip even with just a stick and no lifting shoes.


3 Rounds:
1 Clean
Max Effort Front Squat

5 rounds AMRAP:
1 minute: ring dip OR 1 muscle up + 1 ring dip
1 minute: box jump (24/30in)
1 minute: rest