Two CrossFitters One Bike


3 Rounds: Teams of two
2 minutes on, 1 minute off at the following 3 stations:
#1 Buy in: Row 40 calories as a team. Then for the rest of the two minutes AMRAP the dumbbell (25/35) complex: shoulder press, push press, overhead lunge (both legs)
#2 Buy in: Bike 20 calories as a team, one person peddling, one working the arms, switching every 5 calories. Then, AMRAP partner med-ball sit ups.
#3 Buy in: Prowler push, each teammate pushes the sled there and back (facing forward there, facing backwards on the way back). Then, AMRAP double unders, partners switching every 5 reps.
Their score is the combined reps of the db complex, reps of double unders (1 rep for every 5), and sit ups.