Get Tight?

Get tight is a common cue that doesn't always make sense, especially to someone that has little lifting experience.  We talk a lot about positioning.  A big part of these positions though, especially when you add weight, is to maintain them by being tight (and strong).  Where we are usually referring to when we say get tight is your midline (core).  Midline stability allows us to do all these fun weightlifting moves.  Have you ever noticed your abbs were sore from not doing any "abb" work (or were you?).  The body nerologically needs the midline to be stable and supported in order for the rest of the body to work at relative capacity.  No midline stability, no dice.  Strong midline stability, you're in the game.  This photo of Rosemary shows us great positioning, but what you can't easily tell is that her midline is contracting, creating a stability that is allowing her to lift this weight even under fatigue.  If she were to relax her midline at the bottom here, it would be much more difficult or even impossible for her to stand up.  No midline stability registers to the body as dangerous and no dice.


3 Rounds:
3x: 3 hang power snatch (135/95lb) 6 front rack lunges
1 legless rope climb
1 rope climb
15 burpees
calorie row (20/30)