How Do You Know?

 How do you know when you are at the bottom of your squat?  I don't know that we have a precise answer, but a general rule that makes sense is to go as low as you can in a good position.  The direct translation of being in a good position means you are in a safe and effective spot.
Jeri here has been showing some nice range of motion in her squats.  Here she is at the bottom of her front squat this morning.  Nice job Jeri!

We were happy to have Cori in today, but was she squatting "too low"? - That's way passed parallel!  I don't know that there's any reasoning or thinking needed, her squat just looks natural and beautiful.  She's in a good (safe and effective) position, so it's only beneficial to take it there. 


6 x 4 Front Squat
*Tempo rep (3 seconds down, 3 second pause at bottom) on first rep of every set.

5 round AMRAP:
1 minute: hang power clean (105/155lb)
1 minute: bar-facing burpee
1 minute rest