Human Objects

Crossfit defines weightlifting as movements where you are manipulating an external object.  This external object can be anything, even a Chase Brady.


With a partner: Partners each do 4 intervals of each Tabata
Tabata med-ball sit ups (10/12) 
30 sec. rest
Tabata high knees - other partner holds med-ball waist high for knee target
30 sec. rest
Tabata med-ball burpees (10/12) - partner holds hands above head for med-ball target at top of burpee
30 sec. rest
Tabata Russian KBSs (35/53) - 
30 sec rest
Tabata Prowler pull - Partner sits on sled. Puller uses elastic bands to pull. 1 rep every 3 meters.
Score equals team's total reps.