Technique And Intensity

I've heard Pat Sherwood talk about the balance or ratio between technique and intensity.  This applies to pretty much any movement.  The faster, harder, or heavier you go (increase intensity), the more challenging it is to maintain good technique.  Whether it be driving a car, riding a surfboard, or lifting a barbell, the technique to intensity proportions dictate the outcome of the movement.  
You may think where I'm going here is that lifting super heavy isn't in your best interest because it's harder to hold good form and at those intensities it isn't worth the risk.  Well kind of I guess.  But it's not about good or bad, right or left, up or down, it's about the spot in the middle, the equilibrium point.  This is the spot where you'll benefit the most, where that ratio of intensity and technique is as close as possible.  We need to use weight in weightlifting (probably don't need to elaborate on that one), but at the same time weightlifting success is dependent on your form.  You could take this approach for every weightlifting day we have - I'm going to go as heavy as I can with the best form I am capable of. That may be a barbell, or 405 pounds as Luke showed us today (pictured below).  It's about being mindful of your technique.  Once you feel it start to falter, that's your weight (or the jump below).  That is where your technique to intensity balance is at its highest.  This is similar to the best surfers and race car drivers.  They push the intensity, but right up to just below that point of technique failure.  After years of experience and understanding this relationship, your skill will improve at pushing the intensity closer and closer to the technique threshold.

The date is set!  Saturday July 9th.

9-11am Team Workout
11am Spike Ball Tourney
2pm Potluck BBQ at The Jouras residence.  

Teams of four.  Two from Central, two from West/Ready.  Partner up with someone from Central, and then we will team you up with a West/Ready partnership.  Of course if we have unequal numbers we can formulate teams other ways, we just want as many people to participate as possible!
Please let Gary know as soon as possible if you'd like to partake (in spike ball as well) or if you have any questions, it's gonna be a good one!


3 x 3 Deadlift

10 minute EMOM:
10 wall ball (14/20lb) (10/11ft)
8 toe to bar