Hit The Spot

The push press is a great movement to practice a very basic and important position in weightlifting - the dip position.  This dip position comes up essentially in each of the snatch, clean and jerk. On paper, it seems very simple - keeping your weight centered and torso vertical, push your knees out.  But, when we add speed and weight, this position becomes very challenging to hit effectively.  One way to ensure we're hitting this position, as a lot of you have heard us say, is to slow down the decent.  Speeding up the decent makes it more challenging to achieve.  Ensuring you're maintaining your form by slowing down will not take away from the lift.  It may feel a little off with the timing of acceleration as you extend, but with practice you start to really feel yourself hitting all the right spots.  

An effective dip position sets you up better to have a more accurate bar path, which as Jackson shows us here, will lead to a strong overhead situation.  

ATTENTION BEACH GOERS, do not attempt to park in the Village this Saturday, it is the weekend of the car show.  We recommend finding a permit free spot in the Jewel Box (Topaz, Opal, Garnet and all other parallel streets are permit free - see map below) and walk down (take the steps on the north side of the pier).  We have other possible parking options, PLEASE contact Gary (831-212-1474) if you have any questions!
Capitola Beach, Saturday June 4th, 9am.
We will have a team workout, then activities - volleyball, spike ball, surf, frisbee and more!
Feel free to bring food, drinks and whatever else you'd like for a beach day.
Come one come all, no one is required to go in the water :)


5 x 1 Push Press

21 thruster (65/95lb)
3 legless rope climbs
15 thruster (65/95lb)
2 legless rope climbs
9 thruster (65/95lb)
1 legless rope climbs