It All Balances Out

Crossfit movements are largely chosen based on the distance that the object or humans center of mass is displaced.  This makes it interesting for different lengths of people.  For a taller individual like Leah, the kettlebell has to move a further distance in the swing.  Therefore, it can be looked at as a slight disadvantage when compared to a shorter person.  On the other hand, a movement like the box jump favors a taller individual.  Being taller puts your center of mass closer to the landing on the box jump, which means the movement requires less work when compared to a shorter person.  The theory and goal of the movements in CrossFit is that in the end it all balances out, no matter the height.  Leah in todays workout clearly exhibits this idea.  


Power Snatch 5-3-5-3-5-3

7 rounds:
200 meter run
10 KBS (53/70lb)
10 box jump (24/20in)
*each round is every 2 minutes.