Get Psyched, But Not Too Psyched

Great training session with Kyle last week.  He was working on some heavy push press.  Kyle gets psyched before heavy lifts, which for the most part works to his advantage.  He noticed this day though that he was getting too energized, throwing his breathing off and leaving him deflated before the actual lift attempt.  This first picture depicts that level of high psych.  

After missing a heavy weight a couple times, Kyle noticed his breathing was not right.  He decided to calm down a bit, take some deeper relaxed breaths and see what happens.  The next lift absolutely flew up with this new approach.  What a valuable, clear lesson this was.  
But don't misunderstand.  This does not mean to not get psyched up before a lift.  It means be mindful that your level of arousal is working in your benefit and not to your detriment (see graph below).

Here is a graph that displays precisely this idea.


10 rounds: Rounds begin every 3 minutes.
5 sumo dead lift high pulls, 5 hang power cleans, 5 shoulder to overhead
20 double unders line drill
Barbell weights start at 53/75#. The two fastest finishers of each round add 5/10#s to their barbells for the next round while the last place finisher removes 5/10#. Additionally, the two fastest finishers of each round use a length of rope for double unders for the next round.

Score: Athletes get 1 point for each round that they finish in the top two.