There's Nothing Down There

Nice squat here by Cari.  There's something more subtle happening here that makes her squat solid.  Notice how her eyes are up and there's a firmness also to her head position.  A lot of times when we get tired or the weight gets heavy, we look down dropping the chin and the lifts goes bad.  Making sure to keep the eyes up and head in a neutral position will help your lifts.  Ever notice yourself looking at the ground during movements?


5 times through db complex:
1 db deadlift (25/35lb)
1 db hang (squat) clean
1 db push pres
1 db (squat) clean
1 db push press
1 db (squat) clean thruster
50 push ups
900 meter run
5 times through db complex
40 push ups
800 meter run
5 times through db complex
30 push ups
400 meter run