Last Call!

Saturday Beach Workout
Last call for beach workout sign up!  Let Gary know by Thursday evening.
7 and 10am classes at the gym ONLY
9-11am Team Workout
11am Spike Ball Tourney
2pm Potluck BBQ at The Jouras residence - 3 Karin court Soquel (cross street is Monterey Ave)

It's been great having Ken in the gym these past few months or so.  Not only is he a kind warm-hearted great guy, but he also has an intelligent and knowledgeable approach to training.  He shows up early before class to get his body primed for the workout, and he always seems to have a measured attack to whatever the day may bring.  
Today for example, he went light on the clean complex.  He is getting his back back to health, so he knows to give it time and keep it light.  He's listening to his body (see yesterdays post) and deciding what the best approach is for his health and longevity.  
Ken can lift some big weights.  Just take a look at the focus and attention to detail and positioning on these two photos where he is at a light weight for him.  Great job Ken!

7 Rounds:
1 Power Clean
1 Hang (squat) Clean
*each round every 90 seconds

5 maneaters (30/45lb)
50 double under
4 maneaters (30/45lb)
40 double under
3 maneaters (30/45lb)
30 double under
2 maneaters (30/45lb)
20 double under
1 maneaters (30/45lb)
10 double under