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Have you been watching any weightlifting in the Olympics?  If you have, you'll notice a lot of patterns.  One being that every single lifter in the clean has the bar racked on their body (as Cassie shows us nicely below).  We are not going to the Olympics, there are exceptions to the rule, and there are a lot of stylistic differences in weightlifting, but this one does not seem to vary among any weightlifters in the world.  Moral of the story, if you don't feel like you have an efficient rack position or even one at all - that would be a good skill to work on or ask any trainer how to better that position!  Is this a rare non-debatable topic?


3 x 6 Front Squat

3 minute AMRAP:  
Dumbbell DeadLift Hang Clean Thruster 1-2-3..
Toe To Bar 3-3-3...
3 minute rest
3 Dumbbell DeadLift Hang Clean Thruster
3 Toe To Bar
3 minute rest
Dumbbell DeadLift Hang Clean Thruster
Toe To Bar
*Start where you finished round one and work down for time