Applying Crossfit To The Mountains Of Nepal

Hey Gary, I just got back from Nepal. Here's a photo of me and my traveling partner and our beloved Nepali team at 16,460 feet.  I was slow at the high elevations, but was able to keep walking and keep breathing with no symptoms of altitude sickness, And felt stronger than I ever have in the mountains. Every day I was grateful for the strength and endurance I've gained from CrossFit, the increased lung capacity from all of those interval work outs,  the thigh strength from squats and step ups, and most of all the ability to dig down deep and keep going even when I'm tired. I look forward to seeing you back at the gym as soon as I get over jet lag.
-Diane Bloch

It's hard to recognize Diane in the photo, so here's a picture of her putting in the aforementioned hard work!  Way to go Diane - very inspiring!

Partner Workout:

4 minute AMRAP: shuttle run
2min rest
4min AMRAP: calorie row (1min each X 2)
2 min rest
4min AMRAP: calorie bike (1min each X 2)
2 min rest
4min AMRAP: prowler push (minimum 1 length 15 meters before switching)