This is like when you play the slots and hit the jackpot.  The thing with this jackpot though, is that Alison was hitting it over and over again!  
Things to notice:  Barbell locked out over center of mass.  Good amount of space between feet which creates a strong wide base of support.  Front knee stacked nicely over the ankle (this is one of the main positions a lot of us could focus on).  Great position of back leg - knee slightly bent, back heal off the ground.  Eyes forward, head neutral.
Watching Alison split jerk this morning reminded me of one of the best weightlifters of all time, Ilya Ilyin.

Partner Workout:

3 minute AMRAP:  Alternating prowler pull
1 minute rest
3 minute AMRAP:  Alternating prowler push, 15 meters up and back
2 minute rest
7 minute AMRAP:
partner #1:  250 meter row while partner #2 holds front rack.
partner #2:  kettlebell front rack hold
rest 2 minute rest
7 minute CAP:
10 rds: 10 burpee & 10 box jump, alternating one round at a time.