Focus On What You're Doing, Not What It Looks Like You're Doing

Rhythm.  Rhythm.  Rhythm.  That's what it's all about when it comes to human performance.  The best athletes in the world talk about being in the "zone."  You completely lose yourself, everything slows down, and things just seem to happen effortlessly.  This space I cannot speak much from experience, but what I do know is that there is a sort of natural rhythm to anyone who is in the zone.  Have you ever felt like this in a CrossFit workout?  Here's a tip to try and get a little taste of this zone - find a rhythm in your movement, and focus on what you're doing, not what it looks like you're doing :)  
Our visitor Jeremy had some impressive rhythm with his burpee box jumps today.  Check him out!


4 Rounds:
600 meter run
20 burpee box jump (24/20in) - option to step