One Week To Assemble Affiliate Teams

Some good discussions were had this weekend organizing affiliate teams.  We have ONE week (October 3rd deadline) to assemble our teams and claim our spot, so if you'd like to participate, don't hesitate - talk to Annie or Gary, and we'll find you a spot!  For those that know you want to participate, keep the talks going, and let us know if you create a team.  This is going to be a great year so if you have any interest in participating, take the leap!

Classic photo here of Josh and his eyebrow steez.


"Annie Remix"

100 double under
25 gh sit ups
5 KBS (53/35lb)
200m run
80 double under
20 gh sit ups
10 KBS (53/35lb)
200m run
60 double under
15 gh sit ups
15 KBS (53/35lb)
200m run
40 double under
10 gh sit ups
20 KBS (53/35lb)
200m run
20 double under
5 gh sit ups
25 KBS (53/35lb)
200m run