Everything But The Kitchen Sink


For time, complete 10 reps of the first 37 movements listed and 2 reps of the final 8 movements listed: (16 reps) - Air squat, front squat (53/75), back squat (53/75), overhead squat (53/75), wall ball (14/20), kettlebell swing (53/70), ball slam (30/40), shoulder press (53/75), push press (53/75),  jerk (53/75), bench press (53/75), box jump (30/24"), pull ups, toes to bar, knees to elbow, Abmat sit-up, GHD sit-up, hip extension, pass-through, push up, walking lunge, ring row, dip, burpee, dead lift (53/75)sumo deadlift high-pull ( 53/75), clean (53/75), snatch (53/75), thruster (53/75),  pistol, row (calories), assault bike (cal.), run (200 m),gassers, single under, double under, farmer carry (60/753 DBs - 50m),  (2 reps) - rope climb, muscle up, Turkish get ups (20/30# DBs), prowler push, handstand push ups, tire flip, basketball free throw, and 3-pointer.  Athletes have the choice of omitting one of the movements.