CrossFit is a very demanding fitness program.  It requires a lot of work with your hands.  We all know what a CrossFitters hands look like, callused up, maybe some rips, not super tender.  This work on the hands creates strength in the grip that can be applied to countless tasks.  
Farmer carries are a good example of that hand or grip work.  We all know farmers work very hard with their hands, and I would venture to say CrossFit training is right up there with building strength through the hands.  

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January 30th - March 1st
Whole 30 guidelines - please read all specifics at whole30.com
Informational potluck January 21st 3pm - Gary's house 205 Harkleroad Ave S.C.
Sign up sheet is at the gym - name and email - come one come all!
Contact Gary with questions or comments - glhirthler@gmail.com


9 rounds: 
Minute 1 - 50 m farmer carry (45/60# DBs), then AMRAP (Rds. 1,4, and 7) wall balls), (Rds. 2,5, and 8 push ups), and (Rds. 3, 6, and 9 tuck ups).
Minute 2 - 8 back rack lunges (65/95).
Minute 3 - rest
*Score: lowest round rep totals of wall balls, push ups, and tuck ups.