I Choose Not To Run!

If you know me you know I relate a lot of situations in the gym and life to Seinfeld episodes.  Today was no exception.  
Not surprisingly, there were not a ton of people showing up for "Tosh" this morning - it was cold, rainy, dark, a holiday, _____...  BUT there were some... who chose to run!  
One important aspect of CrossFit methodology involves working on your weaknesses.  CrossFit is all about being as generally fit as possible.  It's a GPP (general physical preparedness) program.  You are as fit as you are capable across the 10 physical components of fitness (can you name them? - strength, cardiorespiratory endurance [where were you today!], power, stamina, speed, flexibility, coordination, balance, accuracy, agility).  
Running is very important for your overall fitness and health.  It may seem boring on paper (or wodtogether), but time trials can get very involved and exciting.  A lot of creativity can be applied to a workout like "Tosh," - there is an art to it.  Am I going for consistency, negative splits, max effort?  Running time trials can be the most challenging (mentally and physically) and rewarding workouts we do.
The point here is to understand the importance of running for your fitness and health.  With the new year, maybe it's a good time to look at your CrossFit career.  What workouts are going to benefit me the most in the long run?  Are there areas (I'm avoiding) that I could improve on, increasing my overall fitness and wellbeing?  Do I really hate running or is running the most beautiful exercise programmed deep into my DNA?
Here is the soaking wet 6am.


3 Rounds:
Run 200-400-600 meters
Work:Rest is 1:1