Just Get Here

Angelo walked in this morning - I asked how he was doing (or something like that), and he said, "just get here."  For some reason, his words stopped me in my tracks, pierced my consciousness, and led me on a fun path of contemplation.  If I may… :)
Angelo’s words gave me a feeling that he is very focused on his commitment of doing CrossFit.  We have so many conversations in our heads back and forth between what is challenging but beneficial for us vs. what is temporarily pleasing.  For example, you're nice warm comfy cozy blankets at 5am in the morning vs heavy dead-lifts. 
When you are able to sustain this focus, it's incredible to consider what is possible.  Losing focus, you could say, is the main force (inertia: resistance to change) that holds us back from our potential.  True focus means never even considering the other option.  If we can be so focused on a worthy goal for long enough, the "other option" will have absolutely no effect.  Some of you may notice that you automatically get out of bed early and are on your way to workout without much thought at all.  You've done it for so many years, those voices in your head, "you sure you don't want to lay here a little longer?  Wouldn't it be nice to sleep in another hour?" – no longer have a seat at the table.  If we practice consistently without losing focus, we can ingrain powerfully beneficial habits into our life that become so stable, we never consider the other option.
If I may take an example from my own life, which may be even more illustrative of the point, because it’s a daily practice.  I read over 5 years ago (from author Eknath Easwaran) about this idea of conditioning and samskaras (a Sanskrit word which essentially means deeply ingrained negative habits), and how we can use this idea to our benefit.  The book applied this concept to meditating every day.  For a while, maybe even a couple years, I would have to pep-talk myself out of bed to meditate.  Those voices were strong, and sometimes they’d win. 
Driving to Sage today, and pondering what Angelo said, it dawned on me, I cannot remember the last time I questioned whether or not I was going to get up for morning meditation.  The other option simply does not exist anymore.  It does not matter what time I am getting up, there will be 40 minutes earlier added to my alarm, and everyone (all the voices) concede.
I believe this idea can be applied to every aspect of your life that you are looking to change for the better.  Actually, the truth of the matter is, we are always conditioning ourselves one way or the other.  We’re in this game whether we like it or not, so then it only makes sense to look out for #1 and make the beneficial choice as frequently as possible. 
So let’s find those areas in our life that we know could use a little more committed focus, and set ourselves up for health and happiness in the future.  It’s not easy, there will be bumps, but if we maintain focus, absolutely anything is possible.


Deadlift 3 x 3

Push Press 3 x 3