I Think I Like You

The camera seems to like Leah this week.  If you've never been on the rings before it may seem like this position Leah is in is no big deal.  The truth of the matter is, it is a very big deal.  Having the amount of external rotation she does through her upper-arm and into her hands, creating that position you see here on the rings, is high-level impressive.  Not to mention her whole body seems to not have a muscle fiber out of place.
What is also excellent about this position, and something we can all learn to see, is that it can be broken down, modified, and applied to any human willing to give it a try, as Carmen so eloquently presented this morning. 
We may not be able to hit this exact position today, but there are many exercises we can perform to work towards this picturesque display by Leah. 


5 sets:
5 ring dips
*10 second hold in extension with turn out (see photo)

3 minute AMRAP:
7 thruster (75/115lb)
7 chest to bar pull ups
- 3 minute rest -
3 minute AMRAP:
5 thruster (75/115lb)
5 chest to bar pull ups
- 3 minute rest -
3 minute AMRAP:
3 thruster (75/115lb)
3 chest to bar pull ups