Who's Idea Was This?

It was during the 7am class a while back.  Some of us were seemingly stuck gazing at the whiteboard, head cocked back.  Megan walked over and said, "why don't we just redo all the workouts?"  About the time it took me to repeat what she said, I knew it was going to happen.  
All of the decisions we make at Central are influenced by the community in some way shape or form.  Most of the time probably on a more subtle level, but in this case - "The Board Takeover" - is a more direct example of how the community directly influencing our thought process at Central.  
Sometimes it is forgotten or taken for granted - nothing is possible with out the relationships we have in our community.  We're all in this together and we thank you for your help and support.  Much more to come - let's keep the good times rolling!
Here's Megan back squatting from a few weeks back.  She is the main reason all of you have been doing the board workouts the past couple months.  Thank you Megan!


Deadlift (155/225lb)
Handstand push up