Your Body Is Your Buddy

Time is a precious commodity, and asking an hour from you may already be a challenge.  That being said, it is always good to keep in mind the possibility of spending more time in the gym before and after class, warming up and cooling down.  A lot of us have specific parts we need to concentrate on in warm ups and cool downs, so coming even 5 minutes earlier can be effective to get that work done.  Being thoroughly warmed up and effectively cooling down not only makes you feel better in workouts and the rest of your day, but it is also a great tool for injury prevention.  
Related to this idea, is showing up late :(  We've all been there, it happens, and we can usually get away with it for some time, but eventually our bodies tell us, "HEY! You need to take care of me better, take a seat big fella." 
Keep it in mind - when the opportunity presents itself, spend a few extra minutes on either side of class stretching or rolling, your body will thank you!
Priscilla here doing just that after class this morning.  


Three Rounds:
3min: EMOM:
high-hang snatch + above the knee snatch + ohs
- 2min rest - 
3 rds:
200m run
- 60s rest -
15 OHS (65/95lb)
- 30s rest
2rds: 400m run 15 ohs (65/95lb)