Did anyone see Joseyanne in a similar position this past week? Arms locked out with weight over her head, in a beautifully straight line....
It's no wonder to me that Joseyanne did her first handstands last week when I look at this photo. She is in a well stacked position, with not just her shoulders, but her entire structure supporting the barbell overhead. Being able to have weight overhead, in a good position, directly correlates to your ability to do a handstand. There are other factors of course, like strength and confidence, but if you cannot get into a good position with a moderate load overhead, chances are you will struggle with a good handstand position as well. 


Complete 225 total reps (53/95), or 175 reps (83/135), or 100 reps (103/155) of the following movements, switching movements every 30 seconds: deadlift, hang power clean, front squat, shoulder to overhead, back squat, back rack lunge, dead hang pull up. Athletes cycle through the movements until they have completed the rep total. Athletes also complete 60 reps of double unders after completing 1/3 of the reps, 2/3 of the reps, and after the last rep.