Slow Down To Speed Up

What makes the dip and drive of the push press so challenging is the tempo and timing.  We can all get in this mini squat position (or close to) that Melissa is showing us here, but can we move through it dynamically, with coordination and timing?  Slowing the dip down can really help to make sure you're feeling the positions of the dip and drive.  It may also help to pause in the bottom of the dip.  Pausing gives the body a moment to take inventory to see if you've hit the right (effective and efficient) position.  On the other end, if we go too fast through the dip and drive, not only does it make it exponentially harder to hit the right position, but we do not give our body time to receive any feedback from the movement - it's over before any observation can be made.  Slowing movements down where you can will provide more feedback, which translates to increased understanding of the movement.  Enhanced understanding produces better technique.  Better technique means more efficient movement.  More efficient movement translates to being able to do more work in less time.  Essentially, slow dow to speed up.  


3 x 4 Push Press

5 rounds:
10 burpee
2 rope climb
10 box jump (24/20in)