There isn't one day that I'm not excited to come into the gym. I feel so fortunate that my "job" is to come be with you fantastic people and help you work on your health and fitness. I am eternally grateful for our wonderful community.



NO 6am nor FitEx Class Friday, Nov. 24th


(Teams of Four):
10 Minute AMRAP:
6x200m Relay Run
100 Med Ball Toss Sit Ups
Remainder of time= Rope Climbs
Rest 5 Minutes
10 Minute AMRAP:
40 Reps of:
(2 Rounds; 1 each arm)
1 Single Arm DB Power Clean (50/35#)
1 Single Arm DB Push Press
2 Front Rack Reverse Lunges
1 Box Step Up and Over
Remainder of time= Push Ups