Early Bird Rewards

There have been some of the most amazing sunrises the past few days. One of the benefits to waking up early.
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4 rounds of Tabata intervals, 2 minutes rest in between:
Tabata 1 - 1st interval AMRAP front squat (83/135)
Intervals 2-8 med-ball cleans
Tabata 2 - 1st interval AMRAP assault bike calories
Intervals 2-8 ring rows
Tabata 3 - 1st interval AMRAP push press (63/115)
Intervals 2-8 push ups
Tabata 4 - 1st interval AMRAP ski erg calories
Intervals 2-8 sit ups.
Scores are the sum of the reps of the first interval plus the low rep total of intervals 2-8.