Why Do The Open?

What is The Open?  The Open is the largest sporting event in the world consisting of five workouts across five weeks to test your fitness and work capacity.  
Why do The Open?  To test yourself against people all over the world, but more importantly, yourself.  To motivate, inspire and to experience through community one of the best parts about CrossFit.    
How to do The Open?  It's very simple.  Go to games.crossfit.com to register, and then show up.  That's all.  We are here to guide you through anything and everything that will come up.  There are many years of experience through The Open among the trainers at the gym, and we want to assure you, after seeing so many people through the years, if you are on the fence about competing, the answer is YES!
We will be running The Open workouts as our regular classes on Friday as well.  The same as previous years.  

Here's a fun little photo that captures the enjoyment of CrossFit competitions.

We're looking into having healthy, prepared meals from Power Supply (CLICK HERE)  delivered to our box twice a week. Power Supply works with local chefs to create tasty meals that are free of gluten, dairy, and processed sugar. Simple idea: order meals online, pick them up where you workout, and get a break from cooking. If you like the idea, please click on the link below and we'll let you know if there's enough interest to be a delivery spot.



4 rds: 
2min ON:
200m run buy-in
Remaining time: ropeclimbs
- 1min OFF -
2min ON: 12/15cal row buy-in
burpee over the rower
- 1min rest -