Symbiotic Supported Suffering

This photo brilliantly encapsulates The Open - supported suffering.  
CrossFit workouts do not always feel pleasant.  Suffering may not be the right word here because it may suggest negativity.  Whatever that pain is that CrossFit workouts create for us to endure, i.e suffering - it feels a hell of a lot better before, during and after when you have the support of friends.  
Here Alison is after 17.1 feeling the symbiosis of suffering and support


With a partner, 300 reps for time:
2:00 for partner A to complete a max rep, unbroken set of KBSs (35/53), then 2:00 for partner B.
Then, partners alternate work every 2 minutes for 16 minutes: 200/250 meter row buy in, then remainder of 2 minutes AMRAP bench press (95/135).
Then, alternating every 2 minutes, 80 double unders and AMRAP sit ups. Continuing until 300 reps are complete.
Reps of KBSs, bench press, and sit ups count toward the 300.