Drop It Like It's Hot

Here are Kims last burpees of the 10 minute AMRAP.  Do you notice a difference between her last burpee and the previous two? 
On her last burpee she drops straight down without "snaking" the decent. 
It is much more efficient, energy-wise, to snake your burpees in a workout.  The normal process usually proceeds like so:
Hands come down next to feet.
Feet jump back.
Knees, then quads, then stomach, then chest touch the ground.
Chest, then stomach, then quads, then knees come off the ground.
Feet jump forward to hands.
Jump and clap.
BUT, in a workout like today, you're not looking to save energy for later in the workout.  Your one goal is to get the work done as fast as possible, so considering energy efficiency may not be the most relevant concept.  Instead, "how can I speed my burpees up?"  One way we found today for Kim was to completely skip the hands down, feet back, knees down etc. snake maneuver she usually performs, and instead just kicking the feet back and dropping straight down all at the same time as she did in the final burpee in the video. 
This approach can be more risky, which makes sense because speed and risk typically increase together, so it's not recommended for everyone..
One way you could determine if this is something to ponder, is whether or not you have a classic push up on your toes.  The faster burpees without the "snake" sequence are done as traditional push ups, so if that's not you, the snake may just be exactly the right technique for you!


3 x 5 strict pull up
3 x 5 strict dip

Partner workout - 10 minute AMRAP:
Partner # 1: 10 calorie row & 10 burpees (over rower)
Partner #2: rest