No Need To Complicate Things

There are so many movements in the fitness world to spend your time on.  There are countless amounts of machines, movements, and methodologies.  As is the case for most things in life, simple tends to be the most effective.  Put a barbell on your shoulders, front or back, and squat. 
Look at this picture of Angelo here.  You do not need a degree in kinesiology to see that his entire body is working.  The balance in his feet to keep him centered.  The power in his legs to move the weight.  The mobility of the hips, back, ankle etc. to hit this range of motion.  The strength in his back to keep a supported and extended position.  The stability of his midline/core to keep an upright posture.  The strength of his upper back and shoulders to hold the bar in the front-rack position.  The coordination it takes to perform this movement correctly.  The focus it takes for proper execution.
 If we wanted to we could isolate each of those parts and create an exercise for every one.  Leg extensions for the quads, crunches for the core, squat stretches for the hips, OR, we could keep it simple by choosing movements that are functional in their nature, which means they inherently hit all of the desired components of fitness without any need for elaboration or complication.  Squat - jump - run - pull - lift - push - go!


50 KBS (53/70lb)
21 toe to bar
800 meter run
21 toe to bar
1K row
21 toe to bar